HP Latex 370 Printer

More unattended printing at lower cost of operation


Expand your applications—beat client expectations

  • Get higher margins1 printing on traditional signage substrates and beyond—even textiles2—up to 64 inches
  • Reach new indoor spaces that solvent can’t, like healthcare—waterbased HP Latex Ink prints are odorless
  • Win new clients on eco standards—UL ECOLOGO®, UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certified inks; prints meet AgBB criteria3
  • Impress clients—sharp, consistent, repeatable image quality with high-efficiency curing, 6 colors, 1200 dpi

Same-day delivery with more unattended production

  • Confidently increase unattended printing—3-liter cartridges, HP Latex Mobile remote monitoring4
  • Reach production speeds and avoid wait time—prints come out completely dry and ready to finish and deliver
  • High quality at high speeds—334 ft2/hr high-speed outdoor quality with HP OMAS, HP Latex Optimizer
  • Deliver confidently—scratch-resistant prints last outdoors up to 5 years laminated, 3 years unlaminated

Keep running costs low with 3-liter ink cartridges

  • Help reduce your cost per print with cost-effective, 3-liter HP 871 Latex Ink Cartridges
  • Save time—reduce cartridge changes and change ink cartridges while printing
  • Reduce time—HP Custom Substrate Profiling and i1 embedded spectrophotometer make ICC profiling automatic
  • Less ink cartridge waste and disposal, and healthier HP Latex printing—no special ventilation or HAPs

Take advantage of third-generation HP Latex Printing Technologies

Water-based HP Latex Inks combine the best characteristics of solvent inks and water-based inks.


With HP Latex Inks, you can obtain outdoor durability and versatility across all common media types used in sign and display applications, together with high-quality, odorless prints, low maintenance, and health advantages—even over eco-solvent inks.


HP Latex printing with the HP Latex 370 Printer can generate higher profit than eco-solvent—gain all the advantages of HP Latex printing, including wider application versatility with a single printer and prints that come out completely dry, allowing same-day delivery. Buy at an affordable price, and see how you can keep your running costs low.


The HP Latex 370 Printer features a number of significant innovations that take you beyond the limits of eco-solvent printing, creating new opportunities to expand your business.

 latex-ink-3l  latex-optimizer-ink  high-efficiency-curing  color-consistency

HP Latex Inks and printheads

Take advantage of the versatile,

durable performance of

HP Latex Inks:

 HP Latex Optimizer

Achieve high image quality at high productivity:

High-efficiency curing

High-speed printing with

less energy and at lower


Color consistency

Print panels or tiles with

excellent color consistency for

an edge-to-edge match:

  • 3-liter high-capacityink cartridges for moreunattended printing
  • Scratch resistance comparableto hard-solvent inks on SAVand PVC banner— you canconsider unlaminated use forshort-term signage10
  • Six HP printheads provide12,672 nozzles for robust andreliable quality print to print
Interacts with HP Latex Inks to rapidly immobilize pigments on the surface of the print
  • 17 m2/hr (183 ft2/hr) indoorquality, 31 m2/hr (334 ft2/hr)high-speed outdoor quality,91 m2/hr (980 ft2/hr) maximumprint speed12
  • Prints are completely curedand dry inside the printer, andready for immediate finishingand delivery
  • i1 embeddedspectrophotometer enablesautomatic calibration
  • Delivers consistent colors to <= 2 dE2000




 hp-omas  ink-collector  hp-custom-substrate-profiling  hp-latex-mobile

HP Optical Media Advance

Sensor (OMAS)

Precise and accurate motion control of media advance between print swaths:

 Ink collector

Expand into textile signage:

HP Custom Substrate Profiling

Simplified and automated color management, directly from the front panel, 8-inch touchscreen:

HP Latex Mobile

Print with greater confidence
while you’re away from the

  • Controls registrationautomatically includingdouble-sided prints with

    automated registration across


  • Print on a wide variety oftextiles—including poroustextiles—with the ink


  • Pre-installed generic andHP substrate profile library
  • Online substrate library access
    from the front panel
  • Fine-tune existing profiles
  • Create custom ICC profiles
    with the i1 embedded spectrophotometer
  • Rely on alerts to inform you
    when attention is needed
  • Know the status of your printer
    while you’re away from it
  • Remotely keep tabs on print

HP Latex 370 Specifications
Model size 64 inch
Printer Functions
Functions Print
Print speed
Print speed 980 ft²/hr – Max Speed (1 pass); 334 ft²/hr – Outdoor High Speed (4 pass); 248 ft²/hr – Outdoor Plus (6 pass); 183 ft²/hr – Indoor Quality (8 pass); 151 ft²/hr – Indoor High Quality (10 pass); 69 ft²/hr – Backlits, Textiles, and Canvas (16 pass); 54 ft²/hr – High Saturation