HP Designjet D5800 Production Printer

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Print service providers operating around the clock in dye-ink printing environments that want to offer short turnaround times and quality prints for a variety of applications—with versatile and affordable equipment.


Boost your productivity. Seamlessly integrate this printer into your current print shop and continue using the inks you rely on. Control printing costs with a new, single printhead made for HP dye inks. Simplify work with new media-handling features.
Seamlessly integrate this printer into your current environment—and continue using the inks you rely on.
Keep printing costs low—stock one dual-channel printhead SKU optimized for dye-inks—use it for any color.
Create prints with excellent color transitions and grain thanks to a new printhead with a small drop size.
Increase your productivity with simple media-handling features that help keep media flat while printing.
Impress customers with quality prints and quick turnaround times. Run jobs overnight with confidence thanks to printhead status monitoring and heavy roll support. Operate around the clock, and deliver bold color prints for a range of applications.
High-speed printing—up to 128 m²/hr in Fast mode and 24 m²/hr in Production mode for polypropylene.
Create quality prints at top speed, using HP Double Swath Technology and the HP Optical Media Advance Sensor.
Expand your offerings—print backlit graphics, POP signs, roll-up banners, and indoor signs in vivid color.
Confidently run jobs overnight with a printhead status gauge, long roll support, and solid take-up reel.[4]
Count on the HP Designjet D5800 Production printer to help you fill customer orders job after job. Its robust design stands up to a demanding workload. Easily maintain your printer in-house, and access convenient service and support if necessary.
Depend on robust, durable design features built to handle the most demanding printing environments.
Easily maintain your printer in-house with the easy-to-replace printhead and automatic printhead cleaning.
Increase printer uptime with certified reseller support designed to resolve printer issues fast.
Invest in a reliable, workhorse printer backed by a one-year warranty.

Model Series
HP Designjet D5800 60-in Photo Production Printer (F2L45A)
Model Size
60 inch

Speed Specifications
Print time color image ISO N5 (best, metric A1 glossy paper):
3.53 min/page
Print time color image ISO N5 (normal metric A1 glossy paper):
2.51 min/page
Print time color image ISO N5 (normal metric A1 coated paper):
1.82 min/page
Print time line drawing (economode, A1 plain paper):
18 sec/page
Print Speed
128 m²/hr
(Mechanical printing time. Printed in Fast mode with Economode on, using HP Bright White Inkjet Paper (Bond) with Original HP inks.)
Memory Specifications
Memory, standard
64 GB (virtual)
Hard disk
Standard, 320 GB
Technical Specifications
Print quality (best)
Color: Up to 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi
Print technology:
HP Thermal Inkjet
Number of print cartridges:
4 (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)
Compatible ink types:
  • Dye-based
Line accuracy:
+/- 0.1%
Color accuracy:
Median < 1.6 dE2000, 95% of colors < 3.75 dE2000
Color stability:
< 1 dE2000 in less than 5 minutes
Print repeatability:
Average < 0.5 dE2000, 95% of colors < 1.25 dE2000
Maximum optical density (black)
6 L* min/2.15 D
(With HP Premium Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper with Original HP inks)
Paper Handling
Finished output handling:
  • Roll feed
  • automatic cutter
Media types:
Coated paper, technical paper, photographic paper, backlit, self-adhesive, banner and sign
Media sizes standard (metric rolls):
  • 279 to 1524-mm rolls
Roll external diameter:
170 mm
Media thickness:
Up to 22 mil
HP ePrint capability:
Printing path:
Printer driver, HP Embedded Web Server
Connectivity, standard:
  • Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
  • EIO Jetdirect accessory slot
Print languages:
  • HP-GL/2
  • HP-RTL
  • CALS G4
Power and Operating Requirements
Power consumption:
270 watts (printing); < 48 watts (ready); < 5.3 watts (sleep); < 0.3 watts (off)
Operating temperature range:
5 to 40ºC
Operating humidity range:
20 to 80% RH
Dimensions and Weight
Minimum dimensions (W x D x H):
2430 x 690 x 1370 mm
180 kg
What's Included
One-year limited hardware warranty
What’s in the box:
  • HP Designjet D5800 Production Printer
  • spindle
  • printheads
  • maintenance cartridge
  • printer stand
  • 3-in spindle adapter kit
  • quick reference guide
  • setup poster
  • startup software
  • power cord
Software included:
  • Printer driver
  • HP Designjet Utility including HP Color Center

CQ745B HP Designjet PostScript/PDF Upgrade Kit
CQ754A HP Designjet 60-in Spindle
J8025A HP Jetdirect 640n Print Server
Q6715A HP Designjet User Maintenance Kit
J6E61A HP Designjet D5800 Take-up Reel
J6E62A HP Designjet Media Edge Holder
G6H51A HP Designjet HD Pro Scanner

Original HP printheads
F9J49A HP 706 Designjet Printhead

Original HP ink cartridges
C4930A HP 81 680-ml Black Ink Cartridge
C4931A HP 81 680-ml Cyan Ink Cartridge
C4932A HP 81 680-ml Magenta Ink Cartridge
C4933A HP 81 680-ml Yellow Ink Cartridge
C5066A HP 81 680-ml Black 3-ink Multipack
C5067A HP 81 680-ml Cyan 3-ink Multipack
C5068A HP 81 680-ml Magenta 3-ink Multipack
C5069A HP 81 680 ml Yellow 3-ink Multipack

Original HP maintenance supplies
CH644A HP 771 Designjet Maintenance Cartridge

Original HP large format printing materials
COF22A HP Everyday Adhesive Matte Polypropylene, 2 Pack 1524 mm x 22.9 m (60 in x 75 ft)
CH027A HP Everyday Matte Polypropylene, 2 Pack 1524 mm x 30.5 m (60 in x 100 ft)
Q6578A HP Universal Instant-dry Gloss Photo Paper (FSC® certified) 1524 mm x 30.5 m (60 in x 100 ft)
Q6583A HP Universal Instant-dry Satin Photo Paper (FSC® certified) 1524 mm x 30.5 m (60 in x 100 ft)
Q1428B HP Universal Gloss Photo Paper  1067 mm x 30.5 m (42 in x 100 ft)
Q1422B HP Universal Satin Photo Paper  1067 mm x 30.5 m (42 in x 100 ft)
Q8750A HP Premium Vivid Color Backlit Film 1524 mm x 30.5 m (60 in x 100 ft)
C6568B HP Coated Paper (PEFCTM certified) 1372 mm x 45.7 m (54 in x 150 ft)
Q1398A HP Universal Bond Paper (FSC® certified) 1067 mm x 45.7 m (42 in x 150 ft)
C6977C HP Heavyweight Coated Paper (PEFCTM certified) 1524 mm x 30.5 m (60 in x 100 ft)

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