Make every scan personal

Any PageDrop enabled Contex scanner can send documents directly to your preferred destinations. PageDrop does not require a PC. Instead it simply utilizes your smart phone or tablet to control the process. Load the document, scan the QR code, and send the document directly to your desired destination.

Get images where you need them

Your PageDrop enabled Contex scanner is the first wide format scanner that truly works for you. The only choice you have to make, is where you need the documents – PageDrop handles the rest. PageDrop can deliver images by e-mail, directly into your DropBox and print to any of your HP ePrint enabled printers.

PageDrop is a Web App

As a Web App PageDrop is supported on any smartphone or tablet with a QR reader and a browser.
PageDrop can be added in your iOS device (iPhone, iPad etc.) as a web App. Once you have scanned the QR code simply select “Add to home screen” in your iOS browser to create the Web App icon. Now you can bring up PageDrop directly from you iOS device whenever you need a scan.

On your Android device the same is possible. Simply add the webpage to your favourites. From there you can add them to your start menu.

Email    DropBox    HP ePrint Google Drive Microsoft SkyDrive

More to come…

As a Web App new destinations and features can be added without the need for updating your scanner. They will appear as soon as they are implemented on our PageDrop servers.

PageDrop is secure

PageDrop includes a new pending patent that ensures a secure method for QR codes and Web Interfaces. PageDrop will only allow you to scan if you are in front of the scanner.

Scanning is easy

Scan the QR code Press the green button PageDrop handles the rest

Once a scan is completed an e-mail notification will be sent to your inbox to let you know your document is ready for use.

PageDrop Beta Testing

The first release of PageDrop is in Beta as we need your input to make this work the right way for you. PageDrop is a new way of scanning that changes everything. With your help the Beta program will allow us to create the right interfaces for your scanning devices.

Key features

  • Makes every PageDrop enabled scanner your personal scanner.
  • Supports any smart phone or tablet including iOS and Android based solutions.
  • Standard HTML5 web interface.
  • Images transferred directly from scanner to your destination.
  • All scans delivered as industry standard PDF.
  • Secure transfer through Contex PageDrop Servers.
  • Security enabled to protect your images.

How does PageDrop work?

Contex PageDrop Cloud server controls the entire process. The scanned image is moved from the scanner through our Cloud server and directly to your destination. You smartphone or tablet is only used to interface with the PageDrop service and specify the destination.

Supported scanners

PageDrop is supported on all IQ 2490 and IQ 4490 scanners. To obtain a QR code for your existing IQ 2490 or IQ 4490 please contact your local distributor.

Enable PageDrop

PageDrop can be enabled as part of the WIDEsystem installation wizard. You can also enables PageDrop on the Network tab in WIDEsystem.

Ethernet Connection

PageDrop requires the scanner to have a active internet access. Once PageDrop is enabled in WIDEsystem no additional setup will be required.

Supported File Formats

PageDrop always delivered industry standard 24 bit color PDF files (version 1.4).