Wasatch SoftRIP is available in special editions just for small format and desktop inkjet printers. These special editions include almost every feature in the large format version of SoftRIP and differ mainly in the size of printers they support.

Small Format Inkjet Industry Boom

Small format inkjet printers are becoming increasingly important in the photographic, screen printing, and proofing markets. Unfortunately, users soon realize that the software bundled with their printer doesn’t produce the exact dot placement and high print quality they need to achieve their goals.

A Price You Can Afford

The low cost of smaller format printers has made the relative cost of large format RIP software too high. Wasatch has created special products for smaller format printing to give the owners of these printers a superior RIP solution at a price that is more consistent with their hardware outlay.

The Quality You Expect

Only a full-featured RIP like Wasatch SoftRIP will support the highly technical operations required for processes such as screen printing, proofing, or photo output. SoftRIP has a complete suite of color features that make achieving your color goals easy and intuitive. Plus, SoftRIP allows you to drive up to four printers simultaneously, so no matter how large or complex your print production environment, SoftRIP has the workflow tools you need for complete control.